A Letter from Mary


We got our 19 year old grandson of being homeless since July 2014 as he was in special ed since the 4 grade. He graduate from high school but never allow to take drive training or other activity in school. He stay home for 2 years.

I went to different place trying to get him some training for over 9 month but run into a brick wall.

I change his doctor to our family doctor and she send him to Pine Rest by Ferryburg to handle his medicine and therapy. Pine Rest got his test result we had done and we never saw it. We got the run around. It show our grandson should got help. Paul S. Costanzo recommend Arc with Maggie.

Maggie was our angel. She told us we should be allow to see all test result and I should sat in on all meeting.

Maybe our grandson will never drive but he will get job training and be test to see if he can stay focus to drive or take the bus.

Paul at Pine Rest that Arc should be better know as there do specifically job.

Arc Also went to bat for us and whenever I call her with a problem she always get back to me within a day or two otherwise one of her staff will.

Arc got our grandson into Camp Horizon this summer and he came back with a different attribute and was accept by his peer.

A Note of Appreciation from United Way of the Lakeshore

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have been reflecting on the things we are most grateful for. Primary among those thoughts are our agencies and their amazing employees!

Thank you for your support of the United Way of the Lakeshore and the ALICE initiative and for running a successful campaign this year! You and your co-workers have shown that our agencies have the best and brightest leaders who truly care about our community.

We’d also like to applaud you for the work you do everyday in your agency and for your commitment to transforming lives in our community. Because of your commitment, programs, and high standards, our community is indeed a place we are proud to be a part of.

We are very grateful for your efforts – please let them know!

We wish your staff a Thanksgiving filled with abundance and bright moments,

Penny Albertie & Jeanette Hoyer,  Co-Chair Human Services/Agency Division,  United Way of the Lakeshore

Jennifer Grinnell & Farrah Starr,  Loaned Executives